Wily Desert Labs was formed in 2017 with a mission to bring ideas together to help solve complex problems in a scalable way while retaining individual voices. WDL is located in central Maine and is associated with business networks in Maine and Boston.


Kshanti Greene, PhD (Tech Lead)

Dr. Greene's passion is to create tools that inspire creative approaches to solving complex problems. While working on her PhD on aggregating Bayesian belief models, she realized her growing interest in policymaking was complementary to her work in computer science and has since focused on the very human problem of problem-solving. Since then she has been Principal Investigator on several AI related R&D projects, including a five-year Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) SBIR contract for a topic called “Massively Distributed Problem Solving” and a DARPA seedling called “Organismic Computing.”

Thomas Young (Biz Dev)

Learning and experimenting with new ideas is at the core of Thomas Young’s enjoyment of life. His experience teaching English, Science and problem-solving within a STEM framework may seem divergent from his light construction experience, but they share the need to solve problems expertly and efficiently. He has a rare combination of technical understanding and people skills that are ideal for bringing tech to market. Mr. Young’s keen observation and understanding of human behavior, honed over many years of teaching and running a business, helps identify key avenues to reach and engage customers.