Amelda is an online space for dispersed teams to plan a real, positive impact.

Wily Desert Labs is digitizing a planning process typically constrained to face-to-face meetings. Amelda contributors can share their knowledge and experiences from anywhere, at any time. Amelda integrates input from diverse teams and encourages creative approaches to solve complex problems.

A single-user version is available for iOS on the App Store

How it works

Amelda helps users tell the story of an issue that they wish to address.

Users articulate an issue by providing notes, each about the size of a sticky note, each containing some component of the problem to be solved. Users then link related notes, forming and strengthening the connections that make the "big picture" emerge.

Amelda users will collectively identify many different paths to achieve shared goals and Amelda will reveal the most supported roadmaps to do so.

See our tutorial to learn more.