Amelda is an online space for teams to envision and plan a real, positive impact.

Amelda was born out of the idea that innovation will be optimal when it occurs through a collaborative exchange of ideas, building upon a disparate collection of individuals’ experiences and knowledge

Wily Desert Labs is digitizing the innovation process. Amelda contributors can share their ideas and experiences from anywhere, at any time. Amelda integrates input from diverse teams and encourages creative approaches to solve complex problems.

Conversations about problem-solving are often messy and unstructured and may involve several individuals. Amelda captures the ideation process and distill it into an actionable form without detracting from the conversation. This frees facilitators to focus on the people.

Amelda's approach enables collaborators to address complex, real-world problems. As users describe a problem, Amelda will decompose the problem into components and dependencies between them. The result will be a graph representing the problem and solution space. Some of the links will form solution paths that describe a process to reach the ultimate goal from the current state. Amelda will identify the solution path with the highest support from members of the team as well as any alternative paths that emerge.

Amelda’s ability to capture the rich conversations between collaborators while they are their most innovative and turn those ideas into a plan of action will enable organizations to achieve their goals more quickly and effectively. Amelda ensures that all contributing voices are captured and integrated into the big picture.

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